Buying an Auto-Tracking Camera for Church
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Buying an Auto-Tracking Camera for Church

An auto-tracking camera will automatically track any person within its range of vision. An auto-tracking camera is a great option for churches looking to record their presentations accurately and efficiently. These cameras can automatically track the speaker while you record. They are perfect for streaming, recording, and sharing classes, conferences, and speeches. Finding the best auto-tracking camera doesn’t take much, even though there are many on the market.

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Auto Tracking Camera Buyers Guide

When you first look at all the features of auto-tracking cameras, it’s easy for things to get confused. There are only a handful of important features that you should be aware of. It’s much easier to research and shop for the right camera when you know what you want and need. You might be able to get by with fewer features if you don’t plan on recording often, but you will still need a high-quality camera capable of producing clear images.

Here are some things you should consider before buying your first auto-tracking cam.

The Optical Zoom Feature

This feature is important regardless of your requirements. You’ll need a camera that can zoom in close to the speaker without blurring. The majority of auto-tracking cameras can provide a 30X optical zoom. This is great because it’s not always possible to position the camera in front of the speaker. Not only do you get high-quality images, but also the ability to capture moving speakers and still see the details that you want for viewers when you replay the video later.

Many PTZ cameras come with a backup 350deg and 120deg tilt radius. Even if you are streaming or recording in large classrooms, all subjects can be captured. Some cameras offer a zoom of less than 30X. It is up to you to decide what camera you want. The pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) feature is common on auto-tracking cameras.

FPS Feature

FPS, which stands for frames-per-second or frames-per-second, is the speed at which images or frames appear on the screen. A 30FPS camera can be good, but a 60FPS one is better. If you are looking for an auto-tracking video camera for gaming purposes, a 60FPS model is a must. The camera’s ability to highlight 60 images per minute makes the recording more fluid. 60FPS gives the video a more natural look and feels more realistic. This is particularly important when the speaker is moving about the room while the presentation is being made.

A 60FPS camera is essential for classes and courses of any type. This is because teachers are more mobile than those who are only there to deliver a sermon or give a conference-related talk. For church functions, 30FPS is possible, but you may need a 60FPS camera.

The Multi-Presenter Detection feature

Multi-presenter detection is a feature you can choose to use when the camera is in wide-area and stage-tracking modes. Multi-presenter detection is essential for classes with group discussions, quiz competitions with multiple participants, and gaming, where the game is interactive. This feature tracks whether there are more than one speaker or presenter. The better quality feature will do a better job at this tracking.

This feature is unavailable on all auto-tracking cameras, but those with it offer more than the basics. They can stream or record a class or presentation with a speaker and also allow you to stream or record any group activity. This feature is even more essential if you are recording a concert and want to highlight each musician. Although you will need to change the camera mode, such as wide-area tracking, it is a great feature that can accommodate many types of presentations.

Talking about the Stage-Tracking Feature

Stage-tracking mode, which essentially divides the stage into eight “tracking” zones, is priceless. The zone-tracking mode allows you to focus on one zone at a time, zooming in and out at different capacities in each zone. The best part is that you can use auto settings to capture clear images, regardless of the zone you are zooming in on. You can even do it hands-free. This feature is available on most auto-tracking cameras. It’s especially useful for speakers who move around the stage while speaking to the audience.

Make sure to read the instructions before you buy a camera with this feature. You want it set up correctly so it is easy to use during presentations.

The Software used

An auto-tracking camera ;usually comes with the software you need to use it properly. You may need to purchase additional cameras later. You will be much better off, save money, and have more fun if your cameras are compatible with different types of software. Echo360, Zoom, and NewTec are some of the most popular software packages. Of course, there are many more, but this is a good start.

Many times, the software is included with the purchase of a camera. Software for auto-tracking cameras doesn’t have to be expensive, even if that is not the case. To save money, churches will look for cameras that can accept different software types.

Pastor Duke Taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

All articles have been written or reviewed by Pastor Duke Taber.
Pastor Duke Taber is an alumnus of Life Pacific University and Multnomah Biblical Seminary.
He has been in pastoral ministry since 1988.
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