Bible Stories About Waiting on God
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Bible Stories About Waiting on God


In our faith journey, the call to wait on the Lord is a recurring theme. For Evangelical and Charismatic Christians, the stories of the Bible offer illumination and assurance that, though waiting can be a daunting task, it is an integral part of our relationship with God. These narratives are not merely ancient texts but living stories that continue to speak into the circumstances of believers today who find themselves in a season of waiting. Be it personal aspirations, breakthroughs in ministry, or the fulfillment of promises, there is spiritual richness in understanding divine timing. Let us delve into some of these biblical stories that exemplify the virtue of patience and the blessing of waiting on God.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trust in God’s perfect timing is a core principle demonstrated throughout the Bible.
  • Waiting on God encourages spiritual growth and reliance on His promises.
  • Biblical figures such as Abraham, Joseph, Hannah, and David exemplify the rewards of waiting on God.
  • The act of waiting is often accompanied by testing, which strengthens faith and character.
  • The fulfillment of God’s promises is not just a testament to His faithfulness but also catalyzes a deeper relationship with Him.

Before we explore the narratives in depth, remember that waiting on God is not passive; it is active trust in His sovereignty and goodness. Now, let us journey through these profound stories that reveal the heart of waiting upon the Lord.

Bible stories about waiting on god

The Story of Abraham and Sarah: The Wait for a Child

Genesis 12-21

Abraham, known as the father of faith, and his wife Sarah, are standout examples of waiting on God. In Genesis 12, God called Abraham to leave his country and go to an unknown land with the promise of making him a great nation. Despite Abraham’s advanced age and Sarah’s barrenness, they believed in God’s promise.

However, as years passed without the fulfillment of having a son, Abraham and Sarah struggled. In Genesis 16, they decided to take matters into their hands, resulting in the birth of Ishmael through Hagar. Yet, this was not the child God had promised. The true fulfillment came when both Abraham and Sarah were well beyond child-bearing years, establishing that nothing is too hard for the Lord (Genesis 21:1-7).

Key Lessons:

  1. God’s promises do not expire with time.
  2. Our understanding of timing should not lead us to devise our own solutions when waiting on God’s promise.
  3. God is not limited by our physical or circumstantial limitations.

Joseph: The Wait for Deliverance and Restoration

Genesis 37-50

Joseph’s life was a rollercoaster of highs and lows; from being a favored son to becoming a slave and ultimately rising to power in Egypt. Joseph’s dreams as a young boy foreshadowed his future, but little did he know the path it would take to get there. Betrayed by his brothers, sold into slavery, falsely accused, and imprisoned, Joseph could have easily lost hope.

However, even in the depths of the prison, Joseph waited on the Lord, and God was with him. In Genesis 41, after years of waiting, Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams and was promoted to a position of power, which eventually led to the restoration and salvation of his family.

Key Lessons:

  1. God’s presence is a constant assurance, even in the midst of our waiting periods.
  2. Our spiritual gifts and calling may serve as a beacon of hope during the wait.
  3. God’s vindication and the fulfillment of His plans are always worth the wait.

Hannah: The Wait for a Son

1 Samuel 1-2

Hannah’s story is a touching portrayal of waiting on God for a child. She faced deep anguish and heartache, amplified by the provocation of her rival Peninnah. Despite her pain, Hannah’s response was marked by fervent prayer and a vow to the Lord. In the house of God, she poured out her soul to the Lord (1 Samuel 1:15).

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In time, God honored her request and opened her womb. Samuel was born, and true to her vow, Hannah dedicated him to the Lord. Samuel grew up to become a great prophet and priest during a pivotal time in Israel’s history.

Key Lessons:

  1. Prolonged waiting and heartfelt prayers can lead to monumental blessings.
  2. Even our deepest disappointments are an opportunity to draw closer to God in trust and dependence.
  3. Dedication and surrender to God’s will are powerful acts of faith during the wait.

David: The Wait to be King

1 Samuel 16 – 2 Samuel 5

David was anointed to be king of Israel long before he took the throne. In the period between his anointing and his reign, David experienced significant adversity, including the threat of death from King Saul, who was envious of David’s favor with God and the people.

Despite his anointing, David did not rush to seize the throne but waited for God’s timing, even sparing Saul’s life when he had the chance to kill him (1 Samuel 24:1-7). David’s ascent to the throne came in God’s perfect timing, and he became one of the greatest and most godly kings of Israel, a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22).

Key Lessons:

  1. Respect for God’s sequence of events is crucial, despite having received a clear promise about the future.
  2. Waiting provides opportunities to demonstrate integrity and trust in God’s justice.
  3. Our responses in the waiting season can define the quality of our character and leadership.

Simeon and Anna: The Wait for the Messiah

Luke 2:25-38

In the New Testament, the advent of Christ was long awaited by Israel. Simeon and Anna were among the righteous and devout who yearned for redemption. The Holy Spirit revealed to Simeon that he would see the Lord’s Messiah before he died. When Joseph and Mary brought baby Jesus to the temple, Simeon and Anna recognized Him as the One they had been waiting for. Their faithful waiting was rewarded with the joy of seeing the Savior.

Key Lessons:

  1. God honors those who earnestly seek and wait upon Him.
  2. The fulfillment of God’s promises can come in unexpected ways, just as the Messiah came as a humble infant.
  3. Recognizing the fulfillment of God’s promises requires spiritual discernment and readiness.


To wait on God is to weave a thread of faith through the tapestry of our lives. It strengthens our reliance on His unfailing character and perfect timing. Through the stories of Abraham, Joseph, Hannah, and David, we are reminded that the Lord is close to those who trust in His promises, no matter how long the fulfillment may take.

As we reflect on these stories, let us be encouraged in our own journeys of waiting on God. May our faith be strengthened, and may we remain steadfast in the knowledge that those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31, NKJV).

In the spirit of these biblical figures, let us walk in faith, with a heart full of anticipation for what God is about to do in His perfect timing. For our waiting is not in vain but is the groundwork for a deeper walk with the Almighty, who makes all things beautiful in His time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

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