Best Soundboard For Church And Other Houses Of Worship
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Best Soundboard For Church And Other Houses Of Worship


Find the Best Soundboard for Church Sanctuaries

The Behringer X32 digital mixing console is one of the most sought-after and versatile. It can be used in many applications, including in a house or church.

Who should consider using the Behringer 32 (X32).

The X32 from Behringer can be used in all kinds of settings. This digital mixing console is great for DJs, amateur musicians, and small bands. It is also ideal for churches.

The mixer is used in a variety of settings by professionals. Its versatility and inputs are the main reasons you should use it in churches. It has a 40-input mixer and 16 XLR outputs. It can connect to all your monitors.

You can even capture the entire sound of your church’s orchestra or choir with 32 fully-programmable microphone preamps.

For those new to digital mixers, its interface is a great option. The Behringer X32 is a great tool for introducing digital mixers to operators already familiar with analog.

The Behringer 32 (X32), a high-quality mixer, is highly recommended. It has many inputs and quality preamps. Other useful features can be helpful to any performer.

Behringer x32
BEHRINGER X32 Digital Mixer

Beginner Friendly Digital Mixer With Amazin Features

What should you look for in the best soundboard?

When choosing the right mixer for your church, you need to consider a few key features. We will be focusing on the following main factors:

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  • Able to use it quickly
  • Outputs and inputs
  • Equalizer and effects settings
  • Pre-programmed settings can be recalled with recall options

It is important that the interface be easy to use for your operators. You want an interface that your operators can use.

Next, consider the number of outputs and inputs you require. Instead of focusing only on your immediate needs, consider the possibility of adding channels. Although you may only require 16 channels right now, the potential for additional channels and equipment in the future could mean your services will expand.

Consider the built-in effects or additional FX options. These options let you fine-tune your church music. The Behringer X32 has a Chorus setting, which helps to thicken background vocals or increase the sound of brass or woodwind instruments.

Mixing consoles with internal memory and external USB storage can be used to save layouts, configurations, and settings. You can quickly recall settings for both traditional and contemporary services, rather than spending half an hour tweaking each one.

Why did we choose the Behringer X32 audio mixer as The Best Soundboard For Churches?

The Behringer X32 has all the features you want in a small- to a medium-sized church mixing console. Although the interface can seem overwhelming to beginners or those new to digital soundboards, it is easy to learn the controls.

The board layout has been meticulously designed. The board is easy to use and has a clear layout.

The board’s layout is great, but the Midas preamps make the Behringer the best choice. These preamplifiers are the best available for a mid-range mixer

The total 32 mic preamps provide enough input to support a large choir. You can ensure that everyone in your group can hear you and that the PA system clearly delivers their sounds.

The Behringer X32: What we like and dislike about it

The Behringer X32 has four major benefits, including preamps, EQ settings, and FX settings. There are also 25 automatic 100mm faders.

These preamps sound great. The preamps can be configured in a variety of ways. A wide range of EQ and FX settings match any type of music.

The motorized 25 faders work with the LCD Scribble Strips control surface. Different groups can be programmed and stored for future recall. These settings can be controlled via the large TFT screen that measures 7 inches.

The BehringerX32 has no significant disadvantages. Some people dislike the manual and mixer’s weight. The BehringerX32 is 60 pounds, making it difficult to transport on your own. This mixer is not portable. The Behringer X32 Rack is a portable mixer.

Another issue is the instruction guide. The controls are simple, but some people have difficulty using the recall settings and digital effects if they’ve never used a mixer digitally before.

The instruction manual might not be of much assistance if you have difficulty with any settings. After playing with the board for a while, you will find the controls easy to grasp.

Why should you buy the Behringer X32 mixer?

You should consider purchasing the Behringer X32 for your church because of its 32 Midas-designed mic preamplifiers. Behringer collaborated with one of the world’s leading audio mixer companies to create these preamps. You can program each preamp to adjust the level and EQ for each input.

The BehringerX32 also has 16 outputs. These outputs will suffice if you don’t have a large congregation or many monitors.

The weight is the real problem. It is quite heavy, and you might not want it to move once it is in its place. If you intend to use it in your church’s regular service, moving it often may not be necessary.


The Behringer X32 mixer is recommended for almost anyone, not just churches. The sound quality, preamps, and FX settings are all very reasonable. The Behringer X32 is the best option if you are looking for the best value. We believe it to be the best soundboard available for churches and other places of worship.

Pastor duke taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

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