Best Piano Microphone for Church Worship
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Best Piano Microphone for Church Worship


Find the Best Microphone for Your Acoustic Piano

Music can profoundly affect congregations and make them feel closer to God. Music must be as clear and beautiful as possible. Although hiring talented musicians and providing great instruments is important, this is just one part of the equation. A great microphone is essential to ensure the piano is heard clearly and the accompaniment can be heard over the congregation singing.

There are many options on the market, so finding the right microphone for your church’s piano can be difficult. Instead of buying an incorrect microphone and then being disappointed when it stops working, musicians and pastors should consider these key points when looking for a microphone for their pianos.

Only when professionals spend the time to find the right microphone can they rest assured that the music will be heard throughout the sanctuary. There are many great options on the market, but the Fishman SBTHP is one of the most sought-after piano microphones.

What are the Most Important Things to Consider When Buying a Church Piano Microphone

You should consider these things when buying a piano microphone. Otherwise, you might end up spending too much money on the wrong model for you. It can be difficult to mic a larger piano. Make sure you consider these points.

  • Installation – musicians don’t want to worry about difficulty installing the microphone on their piano. It’s why it’s best to search for one that doesn’t need to be altered. These can be costly and can cause damage to the piano.
  • The size of the microphone is important. You don’t want it to distract from worship. Large microphones can be distracting and distracting.
  • Jack – It is common for piano microphones to come with a 1/4″ jack. This makes it very simple to plug them in and use. This type of jack is ideal for churches as it is easy to set up.
  • Preamp – Using a preamp to achieve great sound from your piano microphone is the best option. While some microphones need a matching preamp to work, others recommend it. This will depend on the church’s financial situation.

We chose the SBT-HP over other options.

Fishman sbt hp soundboard transducer for harp & piano
Fishman SBT-HP Soundboard Transducer for Harp & Piano

Best Acoustic Piano Microphone For Church

Although piano microphones can vary in quality, Fishman is known for producing exceptional musical recording equipment. They used the same high-quality design process when creating the Fishman SBTHP.

You will probably spend some time trying to find the right spot for a microphone for your piano. This is normal with any choice. However, the Fishman SBTHP is easy to place. This microphone is ideal for use on all types of pianos, so it can be used by smaller and larger churches interested in improving their sound quality.

The soundboard transducer is extremely sensitive and can pick up every micro-vibration. This means that no piano notes will go unnoticed. The transducer is extremely sensitive and can pick up even the quietest hymns, making Sunday mornings an unforgettable musical experience. The Fishman SBTHP-HP is an affordable alternative to more expensive and larger options that mount on the instrument’s bridge. It’s specifically designed for piano and harp, so there’s no concern about low sound quality.

What we like and dislike about the Fishman SBT–HP

The Fishman SBTHP piano microphone is very popular and offers many benefits. This microphone has a long lead wire that connects to a 1/4″ jack. It can be easily set up on any piano, and the wire produces the sound.

The Fishman SBTHP-HP also features impressive Fishman technology. Fishman is known for producing high-quality electronics, and this microphone proves that.

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The microphone’s soundboard transducer allows it to produce a transparent tone. This is a great option for churches that want a bright and clear-sounding piano.

The Fishman SBTHP-HP is not affected by feedback issues like other options, as it is attached to the bottom of the soundboard.

The Fishman SBTHP-HP has its downsides. One is the difficulty of installing it in the correct place to produce the best sound. Professional installation is highly recommended, but it can be costly.

This microphone can also make grand pianos sound tinny. This is a problem for worship but even worse for recording.

Why You Should Consider This Piano Mic

A preamp with impedance matching is a great option for larger churches that want more power from their Fishman SB-HP microphone.

The Fishman SBTHP can produce loud, clear tones and sounds, so it is an excellent choice for churches, regardless of their budget. This powerful microphone is easy to set up and use. It’s a great choice!

The Fishman SBTHP small piano microphone is a testament to Fishman’s commitment to quality equipment. Church musicians can enjoy the best sound possible by placing it on the soundboard. Congregants won’t be able to hear the hymns in the sanctuary because they will not be able.

This is a great option for churches that want to continue using a piano in worship services but need more power to keep everyone engaged.

Thank you for reading our article on the best piano microphone for church worship.

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Pastor Duke Taber

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