What Is The Best Bible Study For Small Groups?

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Our Recommendation For The Best Bible Study For Small Groups

Anyone who wants to know how to live as a citizen of the Kingdom of God while still present in this life will benefit from this study. It is a perfect fit for young adults, seniors, and everyone in between.

This study is designed to challenge your group to live as citizens of God’s Kingdom and to follow it’s King, Jesus. The Kingdom of God is a spiritual reality right now, right here.

Life in the Kingdom (Spirit-Filled Life Study Guide Series) is written to be an addendum to the Spirit-Filled Life Study Bible, although each study is worthy to stand alone. While all the volumes are excellent, I have chosen Life in the Kingdom. I think it is the best Bible Study for small groups because it will bring spiritual impartation and faith to the group as they progress.

Regardless of their relationship with the Lord Jesus, the King of this Kingdom, they will learn and be challenged to go further with Him and become honored servants in His Kingdom. I would say that everyone, regardless of cultural background, age, economic position, or field of work, needs to learn more about living for Him in this ungodly culture.

Are there any important considerations about Life in the Kingdom that I should be aware of should I decide to purchase it for my small group study?

There are several things to consider before choosing this study. While it is a great fit for all adults, you may want to narrow your focus to your particular group.

Who will be attending? Is the study group composed mostly of non-Christians? Spirit-Filled Christians? New Christians? Are they mostly men? Women? Couples? Retired Persons?

Think about how to present to these different groups. There are no two alike. For example, if your group is mainly composed of new Christians, they will have less (or maybe no) Bible knowledge than those who have studied the Bible for years. Therefore, they will need more explanation of the topics covered in the study.

You won’t need to explain as much if your study group includes members who have a solid Biblical base from which to work. Think about how the study applies to your group.

 In summary:

  • You may need to narrow your focus depending on who will be attending your group.
  • Think about how to present to the people in your Bible study.
  • Be ready to explain Biblical truths uncovered by studying Life in the Kingdom.
  • Be aware of where your people are coming from. Think and pray about how the study applies to them.

Why I chose this product over other Bible studies:

Jack Hayford, the author of Life in the Kingdom, writes with wisdom and knowledge beyond himself as he has humbly and gently crafted this study. He knows the spiritual realm and he knows how to reach into God’s glory to obtain God’s gifts to believers in Jesus. That makes this Bible study not only unique but the best in my opinion.

So many studies that I have researched do not have life in them. This one does. You and the members of your group will feel the Holy Spirit’s presence permeate each lesson. He will enlighten your group beyond their natural knowledge.

Assuming they really delve into Life in the Kingdom and apply its principles to their lives, they will grow deeper into their roles as ambassadors sent from God’s Kingdom to represent it to the world. That is a tall order!

Everyone needs more than head knowledge to fill it. However, the precious Holy Spirit is the One who makes that position possible for each of us.

As you go through this study with your group, He will guide and teach all of them. He wants to see them advance in their relationship to God, and in the calling that He has given to each of them. No matter the level of Bible knowledge in your group, this study is by far the best for anyone because it has the life. It has breath.

What I like and dislike about Life in the Kingdom for your group Bible Study:

I am convinced that Life in the Kingdom is the best Bible study of all the ones available today.

There are many pros and few cons that you should know when considering this study.

I found only a couple of minor cons as follows:

  1. As with any endeavor, scheduling your study of Life in the Kingdom can be a major obstacle. People today are running to and fro on the face of the earth and it can be difficult to get them together for a study. Then, their commitment or non-commitment may be somewhat challenging. This is true for any study, however, not just this one.
  2. There may be controversy in the group because the members differ on minor issues. Some may not like the Spirit-filled approach. Whatever the issue, try not to be involved in arguments, but always bring your group members back to the love of Jesus and His atoning sacrifice for our salvation.

And now for the pros:

  1. It will challenge those in your group to be better servants of God while living in this world as His ambassadors.
  2. The study is alive with God’s Spirit.
  3. It can be evangelical, depending upon who is in attendance. The study is written in such a way that is easy to understand and easy to follow.
  4. It will provoke discussion among members and it will give them increased faith as they learn of God’s provision for them in Life in the Kingdom.

Why I feel you should buy this Bible Study for your small group Bible study:

In summary, Life in the Kingdom is the best Bible study that I know of for anyone over 18 years of age.

  • It is relatively available wherever books are sold.
  • It is easily adaptable for any age, regardless of cultural background or position in life.
  • It can be evangelistic if non-Christians are present.
  • As they study, pray and learn, they will be transformed by the renewing of their minds.
  • This study is composed from a Spirit Filled perspective, but anyone can learn from it and grow deeper in Christ by applying the principles therein.
  • Going through the study and applying what they have learned will teach them how to live a godly life as citizens of God’s Kingdom while living in this present evil age.
  • Kingdom living and spiritual guidance to accomplish it will result in the life of anyone who completes it with an open heart and mind and then applies it to their life.
  • Most of all, it has life, and that makes it stand head and shoulders above any other Bible Study.

I highly recommend Life in the Kingdom. The pros are many and the cons few and minuscule. I encourage you to purchase this study for

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