Asbury Revival Hits 100-Hour Mark - Standing Room Only!
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Asbury Revival Hits 100-Hour Mark – Standing Room Only!

Wilmore, KY is currently experiencing a revival, as people from all over the country gather to witness a spiritual awakening. The revival started spontaneously on Wednesday, when students at Asbury University felt the urge to stay after a mandatory chapel service and pray, worship, sing, and repent to Jesus Christ. The chapel was quickly overflowing with people, leading Asbury Seminary to open up its chapel to accommodate the crowds.

Hughes auditorium - home of the asubury revival

The revival has since spread throughout social media, with churches and other campuses bringing busloads of people to the chapel to experience the spiritual phenomenon. People are traveling from far and wide, including Lloyd Ninaber, who drove seven hours from North Carolina to see the revival for himself.

Asbury University President Kevin Brown says this type of revival is not uncommon for the university, as a similar service lasted for two weeks back in 1970. Students and community members are continuing to find peace in worshiping and dwelling in the chapel and say they don’t see any signs of stopping anytime soon.

Asbury Student Body President Alison Perfater and many other students and faculty members encourage people to come to Asbury and see the revival for themselves. They say that Love is what brings people together and that Love is requiring more of them as they learn to love across greater boundaries and rifts.

Confession and forgiveness are pouring out, with students serving each other and the community through worship, communion, prayer, and other acts of kindness. There are also examples of small acts of kindness being multiplied, such as an anonymous student who brought a kettle with tea supplies that has now turned into a table full of coffee and tea for anyone who needs it.

As students come together in love and unity, they are seeing a glimpse of what the kingdom of God is like, with Love being the essential quality that represents God and never fails.

The revival in Wilmore, KY has not only attracted people from all over the country but has also sparked a renewed sense of faith and love in the community. Despite differences in race, age, gender, denomination, and more, people are coming together to be in the presence of God and to love one another.

As the revival continues, it is evident that Love is at the center of the spiritual awakening, with people putting aside their differences to be united in the presence of God. The revival is also promoting a culture of care, with people constantly checking in on one another and processing hardships together.

As the revival reaches its hundred-hour mark, people are continuing to pray, cry, worship, and unite in the chapel, with Love being the driving force behind their actions. The revival is a beautiful reminder of what can happen when the Body of Christ is united in Love and not divided by irrelevant things.

For the evening gatherings, the attendance was at its maximum capacity with standing room only. The attendees were fully engaged in worship, sharing their testimonies, receiving teachings, participating in communion, and receiving ministry. As the event entered its fifth day, the energy and excitement showed no signs of waning, and the organizers were even forced to open up the chapel as an additional venue to accommodate the growing crowd.

In conclusion, the revival in Wilmore, KY is a testament to the power of Love and the transformative effects it can have on a community. The revival is a call to Love one another, put aside our differences, and come together in the presence of God.

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Pastor duke taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

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