Are Guardian Angels Biblical? [Believe It Or Not]
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Are Guardian Angels Biblical? [Believe It Or Not]

It is not wise to consider the reality of guardian Angels without first considering who these angels are in Scripture. Many images and descriptions of angels in media, literature, and art often present a flawed view of these amazing creatures.

Angels can be portrayed as adorable, plump, and non-threatening cherubs. Many paintings depict angels as feminine, white-robed creatures. Angels are increasingly depicted in art as strong, masculine warriors.

Many people are angel-crazy. Many people pray to angels for their blessings or help. It’s almost like wishing on the stars. Angel Clubs are a collection of “everything Angel.” Some people connected to New Age teachings offer angel seminars to help people connect with angels to receive “divine guidance” and/or experience “angel therapy.” Angels can also serve as an alternate focus, to appear spiritual but not directly with the Lord.

Even in certain churches, believers can misunderstand the purpose of angels and their activities. Are there guardian angels, or are they just humans? Yes, but we need to ask questions. What is the nature of angels? What are angels guarding? Are they guarding everything? Let’s look at the Bible’s teachings about angels.

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Who Are The Angels?

Dr. David Jeremiah wrote in Angels that angels were mentioned 108 times in Old Testament and 165 times New Testament. I find it strange that celestial beings are frequently mentioned, yet so little is known about them.

Angels are God’s ” messengers,” His special creations, sometimes called “flames and fire” or “firey stars in heaven.” They were created before the fouguardndations of Earth. They were made to obey God’s will and do His bidding. Angels are spirit beings that are not bound by gravity and other natural forces. They do not get married and have children. There are many types of angels, including cherubims, seraphim, and archangels.

What does the Bible say about angels?

Unless God makes them visible, angels are invisible Particular angels have appeared throughout history. They are immortal and do not have physical, aging bodies. There are too many angelic hosts to count. While they may not be as powerful as God, angels excel in strength.

They are free to do what they want. In the past, some angels chose to rebel against God and pursue their own goals. However, they eventually became mankind’s greatest enemy. However, many angels remained faithful to God, serving Him, worshiping Him, and serving the saints.

Angels are not God but can be with us and hear our thoughts. They are limited. They are subject only to Christ and must not be worshipped or prayed to. In Heaven, Randy Alcorn stated, “There is no Biblical basis for trying to contact angels now.”

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Nevertheless, angels have always been there for believers all their lives. They know us and have seen our lives. They have seen many of our blessings and crises. It would be amazing to hear their stories of what happened behind closed doors.

Guardian Angels Protect Who?

Contrary to popular belief, the Bible does not say angels protect everyone. Psalm91:11 The Psalmist refers to the Most High God and says, “For he will order his angels concerning you to protect you” It is important to understand who the “you” in this scripture.

Verses 14 and 16 suggest the answer: “Because He Loves Me,” declares the LORD. “I will rescue and protect him, for I acknowledge his name…I will satisfy him and show my salvation.”

Angels are appointed to protect and watch over believers when the Lord commands them. They are dependent on Him and don’t know everything. They are not all-knowing. Angels are interested in the salvation God offers and how He works through His people. Paul called the apostles a ” spectacle” for both people and angels.

Is there a Guardian Angel for every believer?

Let’s now get to the core of this matter. Angels are guardians of believers. But does every Christ-follower have an angel assigned to them?

There has been much controversy about the existence of guardian angels for individual Christians throughout history. Thomas Aquinas was one of the church fathers who believed in assigning angels at birth. John Calvin and others rejected the idea.

Matthew 18.10 may suggest that all believers have many angels assigned to them, not just one. The plural “angels” could mean that all believers have multiple angels assigned to them. Angels serve as guardians and overseers for God constantly.

This is what scripture shows when angels surround Elisha and his servant. Angels also carried Lazarus after his death. Even when Jesus said He could have called 12 legions of angels (around 72,000) to help Him during His arrest, Jesus did not ask for that.

This imagery was the first to capture my attention. Instead of looking for one “guardian angel,” as I was taught in childhood, I discovered God could mobilize thousands of angels to my aid if He so chose!

More than that, I was encouraged to remind myself that I am always under God’s care. He is infinitely greater than angels.

What is the role of angels in believers’ lives?

It is a mistake to think of angels as “guardian” angels. Our understanding of angels’ work for God’s children is limited, as well as their service to the Lord.

Most Christians are familiar with the concept of angels protecting and guarding us. They do more than that! Angels can also deliver, guide, and enlighten information, support believers, act as instruments of God’s judgments, answer our prayers, help God’s children in their time of need, and carry them to heaven. This last one is what intrigues me. Since Satan is the ruler of the power and air, I can theologically see angels enlisted as protection as we move from this world to our heavenly home.

The first time I saw how angels interacted with believers, I was stunned. I want to thank Father for the powerful gifts angels have given me. They are an influence in my life and the lives of believers.

God created angels. We don’t experience the amazing redemption Christ offers for His children. However, these angels may be our teachers about heavenly matters. The immortal angels will likely remain our heavenly companions after we leave this world. These amazing beings, who can express emotions such as joy and curiosity, have interacted with our lives in many ways. They will likely be our heavenly companions when we cross the gates of heaven.


While angels can be amazing and wonderful, having a realistic view of them is important. Dr. David Jeremiah said: “Angels can be sent, but the sender is always more important than their receiver.” We must focus on Christ, who created these amazing creatures and will continue to do so.

Although they are often misunderstood or underestimated, guardian Angels are biblical. Angels can be a source of inspiration for us if we learn from their example. Their greatest role is demonstrating absolute, holy submission and unquestioning worship of God.

Pastor duke taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

All articles have been written or reviewed by Pastor Duke Taber.
Pastor Duke Taber is an alumnus of Life Pacific University and Multnomah Biblical Seminary.
He has been in pastoral ministry since 1988.
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