7 Examples Of Godly Families In The Bible
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7 Examples Of Godly Families In The Bible


The Bible is filled with examples of godly families.

These families are a great example to us of what a good family should be like. They are loving, supportive, and obedient to God. They also have strong faith and are always willing to help others.

Below are seven examples of godly families in the Bible. These families serve as an inspiration to us and show us what God expects from us in terms of family values.

Family in the bible

Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and Sarah were considered to be the ideal couple in the Bible.

They were married for many years, and they had many children. They were also faithful to God and always put Him first in their lives.

Abraham and Sarah were an example to all of us of what a godly marriage should look like.

Their love for one another was unwavering, and they were always willing to do what God asked them to do, no matter how difficult.

For example, God asked Abraham to leave his home and travel to an unknown land with Sarah and his family. Abraham obeyed without hesitation, and together, they set out on their journey.

Sarah stood with her husband and supported the challenges that he faced.

They also showed us how important it is to be patient and trusting of God. When Sarah eventually bore a son when she and Abraham were both elderly, they could not have been more joyful.

Their faithfulness to God was tested over and over again, and each time, they proved that with God, anything is possible.

This is a reminder to us that no situation is hopeless. We can always turn to God for help.

Abraham and Sarah’s example demonstrated that godly families, while they may face hardship, can have joy and success when each family member turns to God. As seen in Abraham and Sarah, when children are taught to be faithful, they can rise to become the children of promise, just as Sarah and Abraham did, even after years of waiting.

God continuously blessed their family, and each generation was characterized by strength and faithfulness. Their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, such as Jacob, also followed their legacy of faith and set an example of what it looks like to be a godly family. Jacob himself had twelve sons, who then became the twelve tribes of Israel.

Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz

Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz are excellent examples of a godly family.

Ruth was a Moabite woman who married a Jewish man, Naomi. When Naomi’s husband and sons died, Ruth chose to stay with her and support her. Ruth was willing to put Naomi’s needs before her own, and she was eventually rewarded with a happy ending.

Naomi and Ruth are great examples of how a wife should love and respect her husband and how a mother should love and guide her children. Boaz was also a key figure in their lives, providing them with both physical and emotional support.

This family is a great example of how God can use even the simplest relationships to show His love and care.

Elkanah and Hannah

The Bible is full of examples of godly families. One such example is the family of Elkanah and Hannah.

Elkanah was a godly man who loved and worshiped the Lord. He was married to Hannah, who was also a faithful worshiper of God. The couple had two sons, Joel and Samuel.

Hannah was deeply devoted to her children, and she prayed for them constantly. She believed that they were a gift from God, and she wanted them to grow up to love and serve the Lord.

The family was a model of faithfulness and love. Elkanah was a good husband and father, and Hannah was a devoted mother. They taught their children to love and obey the Lord, and they set a good example for them.

David and His Children

One example of a godly family in the Bible is found in David and his children. David, an obedient servant of God, was much beloved by God and anointed to be the king of Israel. He was also a great example of how a parent should treat their children.

David treated each of his children with respect and kindness, despite any shortcomings they might have had. He looked past their flaws and loved them unconditionally, just as God loves us all. He also taught them to love the Lord and respect His commandments, something that all godly families should strive for.

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus

Joseph and Mary were two of the most important characters in the Bible, as they were the parents of Jesus. Theirs was a godly family, exemplifying kindness, generosity, faithfulness, and obedience. They loved each other deeply and were devoted to their son; when Joseph found out about Mary’s pregnancy, he did not reject her but instead took her in as his wife.

The family endured many hardships together, and even when faced with danger from King Herod’s soldiers, Joseph did not abandon them. The love between Joseph, Mary, and Jesus inspired many Christians to strive for holiness in their own families.

The book of Matthew provides more detail on Joseph and his relationship with Jesus. Joseph was a carpenter and brought up Jesus to learn the trade. Even in their everyday life, Joseph embodied piety and reverence. He was obedient to the Lord’s commands and even refused to call Mary his wife until Jesus was born. Joseph took Mary and Jesus to Egypt when God told him to flee from Herod, thus saving his family from harm.

The godly family of Joseph and Mary still sets an example for many in the Christian faith. Although Mary has been deified and is celebrated in many religions, Joseph is often overlooked. However, Joseph was an integral part of Jesus’ life and a model for Christian families of all ages.

His example of perseverance and unwavering faith amidst difficulties teaches us that nothing is impossible with God. Joseph and Mary faced many struggles with courage and grace, inspiring modern families to do the same even in our uncertain times.

The Apostles and Their Families

Not much is known about the families of the Apostles, but what we do know and can imagine makes them great examples of godly families. Except for Paul, they had wives and children. Peter, who was married, had a mother-in-law who was healed by Jesus (Mark 1:30). It is likely that his family also served as hosts for Passover when Jesus instituted Communion (Luke 22:7-8).

The twelve were Jews, with lifestyles and customs that were familiar to us, and had the same Jesus-given responsibilities that we do today: to practice and teach it (Matthew 28:19-20). One incident that showed the Apostles’ commitment to Jesus and to each other was when 10 of the 12 stayed with Jesus while Peter and John went to prepare the Passover meal.

It is likely that the rest of their families were also part of the upper room event in which the Holy Spirit was given as a result of their prayers (Acts 2:1-4).

The Apostles truly put Jesus’ teachings into practice despite the opposition they faced, and their families must have been a major part of their support system. We can learn a great deal from these families’ commitment to Jesus. In Luke 8, we read a beautiful affirmation of their lives and families as Jesus said, “Blessed are the eyes which see the things you see; for I tell you that many prophets and kings have desired to see what you see, and have not seen it, and to hear what you hear, and have not heard it.”

The Apostles and their families were blessed not only with a relationship with Jesus and the ability to experience his miracles but also with the strong bond of faith and love that existed between them.

Priscilla and Aquila

Priscilla and Aquila are renowned as an example of a godly family in the Bible. They were two Jews who were expelled from Rome by Emperor Claudius, and they eventually found themselves in Corinth. Priscilla and Aquila opened their home to the Apostle Paul, providing him with a place to stay and a place to learn about God.

In addition to welcoming Paul into their home, Priscilla and Aquila also assisted him in his work of spreading the gospel. They traveled with him to Ephesus, where they continued to teach others about Christianity. Priscilla and Aquila’s hospitality, generosity, and commitment to God serve as an example for us all.

Beyond their hospitality, Priscilla and Aquila were also adept in their knowledge of the gospel. When Apollos, an educated man from Alexandria, visited the church in Ephesus, the couple offered to teach him the full knowledge of the gospel. It was after their time together that Apollos became an effective teacher of the gospel.

Not only did Priscilla and Aquila teach and support Paul, they also put their lives in danger by protecting him from danger. When Jews from the synagogue in Ephesus came to search for Paul and to bring him to justice, the couple hid him in their house and risked imprisonment and death to protect Paul.

The example of Priscilla and Aquila can serve as a reminder to couples of all ages and backgrounds to stay strong in their faith and commitment to each other. They stood beside each other in difficult times and welcomed others into their home, and taught them God’s love. We can learn from their example to be kind, generous, and supportive of one another.

Their courage, resilience, and selflessness still challenge believers today to stay steadfast in their faith and commitment to each other in the face of adversity. We can use Priscilla and Aquila’s courage and humility to stay focused on God and encourage each other in the faith. They remind us that when we follow God faithfully and unconditionally, our families can be a beacon of hope for those around us.


The biblical examples of godly families teach us about the importance of strong family values. These families are a great example of how to raise children with values and morals that will help them to lead a good life.

Godly families should put God first in their lives, teaching children to do the same. The Bible asks parents to provide guidance and nurture children so that they understand right and wrong. Godly families should also provide love and support for each other in difficult times. Not only does this bring everyone closer together, but it also helps everyone to have a successful future.

The importance of having strong family values is also essential for showing children that interacting and loving relationships are essential for living a good life. Godly families focus on respect and honor, setting an example for their children to follow. Showing love and compassion to each other is paramount to having a successful godly family.

The Bible showcases many other godly families like Abraham and Sarah, Ruth, and King David. All of these families had lessons that can be applied to our own families. We can learn patience, loyalty, and humility by studying the examples of godly families in the Bible. We can also learn how to practice faith and belief in God, no matter what life throws our way.

Most of all, godly families provide hope in an uncertain world. They demonstrate that with faith and determination, any family can achieve God’s will. Godly families are an essential part of what makes the world a better place to live in. By understanding and following the examples of godly families in the Bible, we can create our own godly families and have a part in building a better tomorrow.

Pastor duke taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

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