7 Bible Stories About Family
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7 Bible Stories About Family


The Bible is full of stories about family. These stories teach us important lessons about loving and respecting our family members, as well as their importance in our lives. From Adam and Eve to Joseph and Mary, there are countless Bible stories about family.

One of the most well-known is the story of Noah and the Flood. Noah was a righteous man who was chosen by God to build an ark and save his family from the flood. Although there were many obstacles that Noah and his family faced, they persevered and were eventually saved from the flood. This story teaches us the importance of faith and resilience, as well as the strength of family unity.

The story of Joseph and his brothers is a testament to the power of forgiveness and reconciliation in the family. Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery out of envy and jealousy, but after many years, Joseph was able to forgive them and reconcile with his family. This story teaches us about the importance of forgiveness and mercy in maintaining strong family relationships.

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Noah and His Family

In the Bible, Noah was the father of three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

After the great flood, God instructed Noah to build an ark and to take his family and two of every kind of animal onto it. When the water receded, Noah and his family were the only ones who survived.

Noah’s story teaches us the importance of family. He was willing to put everything on the line for his family, and they were ultimately saved because of his faithfulness.

God was pleased with Noah and his family and told them to “be fruitful and multiply” and fill the earth. While Noah and his sons were blessed by God, Noah’s wife and daughters-in-law were not mentioned. In the Old Testament, females did not have the same rights as males, making them more vulnerable to exploitation and exploitation.

Noah’s story also serves as an example of how to keep the family unit together. Even when faced with the destruction of the world and the overwhelming task of building the ark, Noah stayed committed to his family and ensured they were taken care of.

The story of Noah in the Bible is also a reminder of God’s mercy toward us. Despite the destruction of the world, God kept His promise and showed compassion to Noah and his family. This demonstrates that even in the darkest of times, God is still with us and ready to offer us grace.

Noah’s story also highlights the importance of understanding and respecting boundaries. After the flood, God commanded that man must never kill another man, as He had done with the flood. By recognizing the boundaries set by God and respecting them, Noah and his family stood to benefit, as they were safe from harm and the destruction of the rest of the world.

Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and Sarah were a major family in the Bible.

They were married for many years, but they were unable to have children. Abraham was convinced that God would eventually bless them with a child, and so he put his faith in God.

God eventually did bless them with a son, whom they named Isaac. Abraham and Sarah were overjoyed and raised him with love and care.

In addition to Isaac, Abraham was promised a multitude of descendants. God even promised to give Abraham’s descendants the land of Canaan. Abraham continually put his faith in God and trusted that his family would receive all of God’s blessings.

When Isaac grew up, he married Rebekah, and together they had a son called Jacob. Jacob had twelve sons who were the ancestors of what would be later known as the twelve tribes of Israel. Jacob later became known as Israel and his twelve sons became the twelve tribes.

The family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob closely followed God’s commandments, but they were also still very human. They were constantly making mistakes and learning how to forgive one another. Jacob’s favorite son was Joseph, and when Jacob’s other sons were jealous, they sold him into slavery. Eventually, Joseph was able to use his faith to help him rise to a leadership position and save his family by forgiving those who had wronged him.

The family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob serves as an example of how to persevere through great obstacles and remain loyal to one another. They demonstrate how family can be an important cornerstone of faith, and provide unwavering support in tough times. Despite their failures and misunderstandings, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob stayed devoted to God and each other.

Jacob and Esau

When Jacob and Esau were born, their mother, Rebekah, was desperately hoping that God would bless one of her children more than the other.

She was greatly surprised when God told her that Jacob would be the recipient of His blessing. Esau, who was a hunter, was displeased with this and wanted to kill Jacob.

Rebekah saved Jacob by sending him away to her brother Laban’s house, where he would be safe. Years later, when Esau came looking for him, Jacob was able to deceive him and take his inheritance from him.

Joseph and His Brothers

The fourth story is Joseph and His Brothers. This well-known story from the Bible highlights how family relationships can be complicated. Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him because of his coat of many colors, so they sold him into slavery. After years of hardships, Joseph found success and eventually reunited with his brothers and father.

This story underscores the importance of forgiveness and understanding in family relationships. No matter how much your siblings can annoy you or how difficult it may be to get along with your parents, the Bible teaches us to love each other unconditionally.

The Prodigal Son

The fifth Bible story about family is the Parable of the Prodigal Son. In this parable, Jesus tells the story of a father and his two sons. The younger son asks his father for his inheritance and then takes off to spend it all on wild living. When he eventually returns home, his father accepts him back with open arms, despite his mistakes and wrongdoings. This story teaches us that no matter how far one strays from family, love will always stay strong and unconditional. It is a reminder of how we should treat our own families – with unconditional love and forgiveness. No matter what has happened in the past, our family members should always be welcomed back with open arms.

This story can be extended outside of the family as well to represent God’s unconditional love for us. Just as the younger son was accepted back into the family in the parable, so to are we welcomed back to God’s family despite all the wrongdoings we may have done. Like the father in the parable, God always stays loyal and faithful to His children. He never fails to show us, love, even in our moments of greatest doubt. Through the parable of the Prodigal Son, we can learn how to honor and show love to those in our lives and also remain faithful to God.

God’s unconditional love is a powerful thing – so powerful, that it can even restore broken relationships. When the father and his son reconciled in the parable, it was a reminder that God can do the same for us. As long as we stay open to God’s grace and mercy, He will continue to bring us back and restore us even when we stray away. The Parable of the Prodigal Son is a story that serves as an example of the power of faith, forgiveness, and love. It shows us that no matter what, family and God will always be there for us, and we can always come back for a fresh start.

Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz

The sixth story of a family in the Bible is about Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz. Ruth was a Moabite widow who showed loyalty to her mother-in-law Naomi by following her from Bethlehem to Moab. They both eventually returned to Bethlehem, and Ruth became a gleaner in Boaz’s fields. Boaz then shows kindness to them both by providing for them and giving Ruth his cloak in an act of hospitality. Boaz and Ruth eventually married, and the union created a strong family bond. This story teaches us about loyalty, kindness, hospitality, and the importance of family.

The story also emphasizes how God provides for his faithful and blesses those who are willing to take risks of faith. Ruth and Naomi were refugees, turned gleaning gleaners who depended on Boaz for their survival. In addition, Ruth was willing to break the cultural boundaries of marriage by marrying a man of another faith. Boaz was willing to take a risk and marry Ruth, despite the fact that she was a foreigner and had very few prospects. Their faith and love brought them to a place of great blessings and prosperity.

God blesses those families who have the courage to take risks of faith and trust in him. Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz’s story may serve to remind us that those who take risks of faith in God often find even greater blessings in the end. Through their faith, risk, and love for each other, Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz chose to create a family bond that endured despite the cultural boundaries between them. This story serves as a reminder that, when it comes to families, our love for one another should be greater than any boundaries or obstacles that lie between us.

Mary, Joseph and Jesus

Let’s look at the story of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. This is a well-known bible story that teaches us how important family is. When Joseph found out about Mary’s pregnancy, he chose to trust in God rather than let the shame overwhelm him. He supported and protected Mary and accepted Jesus as his son despite concerns from his family. This act of love was an example to us all that family is worth standing up for and cherishing above all else. We can learn from this story that even when life gets difficult, our families are worth fighting for.

The importance of family does not end there. Joseph was a carpenter by trade and taught Jesus his trade. Jesus followed in his father’s footsteps, continuing the legacy of Joseph’s work and values. We learn from this that family is a key part of our development, providing guidance and direction in life. An example of this is Jesus choosing the path of compassion and forgiveness despite the opposition of the law and those in power.

Mary, Joseph and Jesus’s story is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of family in our own lives. We can look to our families – both past and present – and find strength and a source of unity. In times of difficulty, we can turn to the power of love and acceptance our families can provide and use this to overcome any challenge.


Whether you are looking for guidance on how to build a strong family or you just need a good story to read to your kids at bedtime, the Bible has something to offer you. These seven Bible stories about family will show you the importance of love, forgiveness, and faith.

The Bible is full of lessons about the importance of family. It stresses the importance of having an unbreakable bond between parents and their children, of forgiveness, of trusting and loving each other, and of putting the needs of your family before yourself.

No matter what type of family you have, the Bible has something to offer. From stories of strong families to stories of broken families, the Bible provides valuable lessons that can help us learn to be better parents and children.

Joseph is a prime example of how father figures can be a source of wisdom and courage, while Ruth tells us of the importance of loyalty and commitment, even when times are hard. Daniel’s courage and determination can help remind us that we can never give up, and Mary’s faith in God reveals how faith can lead us to a strong family foundation.

The Bible teaches us how to be good parents, siblings, and even spouses. Through stories of faith, forgiveness, and love, we can learn to appreciate our family for the special bond it provides. Through these tales, we can also learn how to better support each other, provide comfort and empathy, and give compassion and understanding. Family can be a source of strength, and these Bible stories serve as a reminder of how important it is to cherish our families.

Pastor Duke Taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

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