50-Hour Revival at Kentucky Christian University Draws National Attention

A revival that started as a regular Wednesday chapel service at a Christian university in Kentucky has continued for over 50 hours, drawing national attention. The revival, which is taking place at Asbury University’s Hughes Auditorium in Wilmore, Kentucky, is being compared to previous revivals that took place at the university, including a 1970 revival that lasted 144 hours and resulted in canceled classes, and a four-day revival in 2006.

Asbury Revival 2023

People from neighboring states have already driven to Wilmore to experience the revival, which is described as non-denominational and “grounded in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition.” The revival features prayers, worship songs, times of confession and testimony, and petitions for the nation and the world.

Alexandra Presta, the executive editor of the Asbury Collegian, wrote that the revival has been a transformative experience, filled with healing and a deep connection to God. Despite the difficulty in describing it, the revival has drawn people from across state lines who are eager to understand why God has chosen to come in this way.

Junior Abigail Glei said the revival has taught her about God’s sovereignty, and that she doesn’t need to worry. Pastor Daryl Blank of Springdale Nazarene Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, drove two hours to attend the revival and described it as a place of reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing. He noted that worshipers stayed all night, and that no one person was in charge, but that everyone was caught up in the revival-er, God himself.

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According to Presta, the revival will last as long as the Spirit calls for it. As long as God wants it to continue, his children will remain, allowing his holy love to fill hearts and touch souls.

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