5 Examples of Stumbling Blocks in the Bible
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5 Examples of Stumbling Blocks in the Bible


As followers of Christ, we must strive to live in a manner that reflects our faith and encourages others to seek salvation. However, our journey can be fraught with stumbling blocks that can hinder our spiritual growth and potentially cause others to falter as well.

The Bible provides us with examples of these stumbling blocks, equipping us to identify and overcome them in our own lives.

In this blog post, we will examine five biblical examples of stumbling blocks and explore how they can serve as a valuable lesson for believers today.

By learning from the experiences of those who have gone before us, we can better navigate our spiritual journeys and be better equipped to help others along the way.

5 examples of stumbling blocks in the bible

1. The Golden Calf: Idolatry and False Worship (Exodus 32:1-6)

One of the most well-known stumbling blocks in the Bible is the story of the golden calf. After the Israelites had been delivered from Egyptian bondage, they grew impatient waiting for Moses to return from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments.

In their impatience, they demanded that Aaron create a god for them to worship. Aaron complied and fashioned a golden calf, which the people began to worship and offer sacrifices to (Exodus 32:1-6, NKJV).

This event serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of idolatry and false worship. As Christians, we must be careful not to allow anything or anyone to take the place of God in our lives.

Our faith and worship should be focused solely on the one true God, lest we too become ensnared by the stumbling block of idolatry.

2. David and Bathsheba: Lust and Adultery (2 Samuel 11:1-5)

King David, described as a man after God’s own heart, also fell victim to stumbling blocks. In the story of David and Bathsheba, we see how lust led to adultery, deceit, and eventually murder (2 Samuel 11:1-5, NKJV).

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David’s sin not only hurt him personally but also had devastating consequences for his family and the nation of Israel.

This example serves as a warning against the dangers of unchecked desires and the importance of guarding our hearts against temptation. As believers, we must be vigilant in our pursuit of holiness and purity, recognizing that even the strongest among us can fall prey to sin.

3. Peter’s Denial: Fear and the Fear of Man (Matthew 26:69-75)

The Apostle Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples, also faced a stumbling block. When Jesus was arrested and taken before the high priest, Peter denied knowing Him three times out of fear for his own safety (Matthew 26:69-75, NKJV).

Though Peter had earlier vowed to stand by Jesus even unto death, he allowed his fear of man to override his commitment to Christ.

This example demonstrates the importance of overcoming fear and standing firm in our faith, even when it may be difficult or unpopular to do so. We must trust in God’s protection and provision, rather than succumbing to the fear of man, which can lead us astray.

4. Ananias and Sapphira: Greed and Deception (Acts 5:1-11)

In the early days of the church, believers were selling their possessions and giving the proceeds to the apostles to be distributed to those in need.

Ananias and Sapphira, however, conspired to deceive the apostles and the Holy Spirit by keeping back a portion of the money they had received from selling their property (Acts 5:1-11, NKJV).

Their greed and deception ultimately led to their deaths, serving as a sobering reminder of the consequences of dishonesty and the importance of transparency in our walk with Christ.

This example highlights the need for integrity and sincerity in our relationships with God and others. As Christians, we must be careful not to allow greed or deception to take root in our hearts, as these can act as stumbling blocks that undermine our witness and spiritual growth.

5. The Rich Young Ruler: Attachment to Earthly Possessions (Mark 10:17-22)

The rich young ruler approached Jesus seeking eternal life, but when Jesus instructed him to sell all he had and give the proceeds to the poor, he went away sorrowful, unwilling to part with his wealth (Mark 10:17-22, NKJV).

His attachment to earthly possessions became a stumbling block that prevented him from fully embracing the kingdom of God.

This story serves as a reminder to examine our own hearts and prioritize our relationship with God above all else. As believers, we must be willing to release our grip on material wealth and possessions, recognizing that our true treasure lies in Christ and the eternal life He offers.


As we reflect on these five examples of stumbling blocks in the Bible, we can learn valuable lessons that will help us grow in our faith and walk more closely with the Lord.

It is important to remember that, while these stumbling blocks may have hindered the individuals involved, they also serve as warnings and opportunities for growth for those who read and apply their lessons today.

In our daily lives, let us be vigilant in identifying and overcoming potential stumbling blocks, whether they be idolatry, lust, fear, greed, or attachment to worldly possessions. By doing so, we can avoid the pitfalls that ensnared those in the Bible and, instead, draw closer to God and inspire others to do the same.

In conclusion, we must be mindful of the stumbling blocks that can hinder our walk with Christ and the spiritual growth of those around us.

By studying the examples found in Scripture and applying their lessons to our own lives, we can overcome these obstacles and continue on our journey toward spiritual maturity. Let us strive to live lives that reflect Christ’s love and grace, helping others to find their way to salvation and a deeper relationship with God.

Pastor duke taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

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