3 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Projector Wireless

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Projectors are a great way to make presentations more interactive and engaging. But, if you need to present from a different location, the cables can get in the way of your audience’s experience. Thankfully, an easy solution for this problem is turning your wired projector into a wireless one! In this comprehensive guide on making your projector wireless, we will discuss some important things you should know to make your projector wireless.

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How Do I Make My Projector Wireless?

The first step to making your projector wireless starts with purchasing all the necessary equipment. For this process, you will need a wireless transmitter and receiver kit, an HDMI cable (to connect your computer or laptop to the transmitter), and a power cord for each device being used.

Once you choose your wireless transmission method mentioned below, the steps to make your projector wireless are quite simple.

  1. Select the type of transmission system you are going to use.
  2. Connect the wireless receiver to the projector.
  3. Connect the transmitter to your computer or video source.
  4. Start projecting wirelessly.

So let’s start helping you decide which transmission method is best for you.

What’s Wireless Projection?

Wireless projection lets you stream your presentation from any location by sending signals through walls via radio waves instead of being limited to a cable connection. Three types of wireless projection are Via Bluetooth, Via HDMI transmission, and Via WiFi.

Using A Bluetooth Receiver To Make Your Projector Bluetooth Compatible

1000w bluetooth home theater receiver
1000W Bluetooth Home Theater Receiver

Bluetooth receivers are useful if your projector does not have an HDMI port. For this method, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into the USB port of your projector. You will then need to pair the receiver with your computer or laptop.

Using An HDMI Transmitter And Receiver To Make Your Projector Wireless

wireless hdmi transmitter and receiver
Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver

An HDMI transmitter/receiver is a great option if your computer or laptop has an available HDMI port that you can use to connect the device. You will then need to hook the transmitter to your computer and receiver to your projector with an HDMI cable like you would if your projector was wired or hooked to a monitor.

You need to extend your computer displays to recognize the transmitter as a second monitor, and you’re good to go!

Using A Wifi Dongle To Make Your Projector Wireless

anycast hdmi wireless display adapter
Anycast HDMI Wireless Display Adapter

Wifi dongles are a great option if you want to make your projector wireless but cannot run an HDMI cable from your device. They come in USB sticks and allow for easy setup and simple operation with most projectors.

Once connected, all left is setting up what software will be used on your computer or laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making A Projector Wireless

What is a WIFI dongle for a projector?

A WIFI dongle is a device that attaches to your projector and allows it to be connected wirelessly. The device acts as an adapter for the wireless connection, which then connects to your computer or laptop via a USB port.

Does wireless projection need Wi-Fi?

Wireless projection does not need Wi-Fi! Wireless projection is also called wireless transmission. This is done by using a digital transmitter and receiver.

What does Bluetooth mean on a projector?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows Bluetooth-compatible devices to connect and communicate with each other. This can be done over short distances, usually within ten meters (30 feet).

Is it possible for me to make my projector wirelessly without an HDMI port?

Yes! There are three different ways you can do this: via USB receiver dongle, via HDMI transmitter and receiver kit, or with a WIFI dongle.


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To make your projector wireless, you will need a transmitter and receiver kit, an HDMI cable (to connect your computer or laptop to the transmitter), and a power cord for each device being used.

You can choose from three different methods of wireless transmission: Via Bluetooth, Via HDMI transmission, or Via WiFi. Using one of these methods, you can wirelessly project your presentation without plugging it into a signal source near the projector.

So there we have it! With this guide and some simple instructions for setup, you will be able to make your wired projector wireless in no time. Happy projecting!

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