15 Rock Music Legends Who Found Jesus

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 Mark Farner Grand Funk Railroad

Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad
Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad

As the front man for the band, guitarist and lead vocalist Mark Farner, playing bare-chested, seemed to epitomize the image of rock icon. But Grand Funk’s success was short-lived, and the band fizzled as the 1980s began. Later in the decade, Farner found a new calling, releasing the Christian rock album “Just Another Injustice.” With songs such as “Judgment Day Blues” and “Come To Jesus”, it was clear Farner had changed. Farner has recorded other contemporary Christian CDs since then, including “If It Wasn’t For Grace.”

Alice Cooper

Cooper is somewhat reluctant to take on the mantle of celebrity “born-again Christian,” telling Hard Music Magazine, “Being a Christian is something you just progress in. You learn. You go to your Bible studies. You pray. … it’s real easy to focus on Alice Cooper and not on Christ. I’m a rock singer. … I consider myself low on the totem pole of knowledgeable Christians. So, don’t look for answers from me.”  “I’m a new creature now. Don’t judge Alice by what he used to be. Praise God for what I am now.”
Read more about Alice Cooper Here.

Rick Derringer


He’s remembered primarily for his 1973 hit single Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo, which still gets airplay on classic rock stations, but he’s also played on recordings by Kiss, Alice Cooper, Steely Dan and Cyndi Lauper. Since proclaiming his faith in Jesus several years ago, Derringer has reworked his biggest hit with new wording (“Read the Word, Live it Too”) and recorded contemporary Christian music.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan Considers Himself A Christian and a Jew
Bob Dylan Considers Himself A Christian and a Jew

Dylan’s conversion had a massive impact on his music and the albums that came after – Slow Train Coming, Saved, and Shot of Love – were heavily Christian. Decades later, his 2012 release and 35th studio album Tempest followed in a similar vein.

Nicko McBrain Iron Maiden

Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden
Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden

McBrain gave his life to Christ in 1999 in an emotional experience after going to church with his wife, Rebecca. As McBrain told Willow Creek Association News, he prayed to receive Christ, and began to read the Bible. “I had this love affair with Jesus going on in my heart,” he said. McBrain still tours with the band, playing the songs that made the band popular. He’s also part of the worship music team at his church in Florida. He believes his seemingly incongruous lifestyle is part of the Lord’s plan. McBrain has given his testimony in front of heavy metal fans, and seen them commit their life to Jesus and he also frequently talks with fellow Iron Maiden members about his beliefs.

Kerry Livgren Kansas

Kerry Livgren lead guitarist for Kansas
Kerry Livgren lead guitarist for Kansas

Penning such hits as “Carry On Wayward Son” and “Dust in the Wind,” Kerry propelled the band to worldwide success and critical acclaim, with numerous gold and multi-platinum albums, and over 14 million recordings sold to date.

In 1980, after becoming an evangelical Christian, Kerry Livgren released his first solo work, Seeds of Change, featuring vocalists Ronnie James Dio and David Pack of Ambrosia, Jethro Tull’s drummer Barriemore Barlow, and guest spots by friends from Kansas. Also accompanying the album was Kerry’s autobiographical book of the same name. Together, they expressed the passage and resolution of Kerry’s years-long spiritual journey, often the subject of his songs with Kansas. Following his departure from Kansas in 1983, Kerry recorded his second self-produced album for CBS, Timeline, in the same year. With the musicians involved in that project, he formed the band, AD. Between 1983 and 1986, the band released two albums and toured extensively.

Dan Spitz Anthrax

Dan Spitz was the lead guitarist of Anthrax
Dan Spitz was the lead guitarist of Anthrax

In 2000, Spitz, who was raised in a Jewish home, became a Messianic Jew, a religious blend that upholds Jewish customs while acknowledging that salvation is only possible by accepting Jesus as one’s savior.

Brian “Head” Welch Korn

Brian "Head" Welch guitarist and co-founder of Korn
Brian “Head” Welch guitarist and co-founder of Korn

In 2005, Welch found God. He was baptized in the River Jordan in March 2005. As he later explained in a Full Armor of God radio interview. “I was walking one day, just doing my rock and roll thing making millions of bucks, you know success and everything, addicted to drugs and then the next day I had Revelation of Christ and I was like, everything changes right now!” Welch detailed his spiritual awakening in his provocatively titled book, Save Me from Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, and Lived to Tell My Story.

Later he returned to playing guitar for Korn but he has not given up on his Christian faith. He still regularly meets with fans after concerts to pray for them and lead them to Christ.

Dave Mustaine Metallica and Megadeth

Dave Mustaine guitarist for Metallica and Megadeath
Dave Mustaine guitarist for Metallica and Megadeath

By the early 2000s, Mustaine was sick of touring, tired of his fellow bandmates, and generally down on his life. As Mustaine later told an interviewer, “Looking up at the cross, I said six simple words, ‘What have I got to lose?’ Afterwards, my whole life has changed.

It’s been hard, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Rather than go my whole life believing that there is a God and find out there isn’t, than live my whole life thinking there isn’t a God and then find out, when I die, that there is.”

Ringo Starr The Beatles

Ringo Starr drummer for The Beatles
Ringo Starr drummer for The Beatles

Ringo was reported to have said, during an interview at a recent event at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, that he had “found God” after taking a long and winding road to this change in his life.  Reports say that the musician, who has since become teetotal and quit his 60-a-day cigarette habit, says that religion now plays an important role in his life.

Rick Wakeman Yes

Rick Wakeman keyboardist for Yes.
Rick Wakeman keyboardist for Yes.

By the early 1980s the great keyboard virtuoso was sleeping on park benches. During that time, Wakeman met former model Nina Carter, who helped him rebuild his life. When they decided to marry, Nina insisted on a church wedding. The only place that would perform the ceremony, because both of them were divorced, was Camberley United Reformed Church. The couple married in 1984 and attended worship there.

“When I brought my Christianity back into my life, things were going well,” Wakeman says. “I was thinking how I’d managed to pick myself up from the gutter with Nina’s help. And I thought, This is great–but there’s something missing. “Because I’d had such wonderful teaching from people I’d met in my first 19 years, it was easy for me to know what was missing.” In a Sydney, Australia, hotel room, he reflected on his life and rededicated it to Jesus.

Bono U2


Paul David Hewson, known by his stage name Bono, is an Irish singer-songwriter, musician, venture capitalist, businessman, and philanthropist. He is best recognized as the frontman of the Dublin-based rock band U2. Bono was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School where he met his future wife, Alison Stewart, and the future members of U2. Bono writes almost all U2 lyrics, frequently using religious, social, and political themes. During U2’s early years, Bono’s lyrics contributed to their rebellious and spiritual tone. As the band matured, his lyrics became inspired more by personal experiences shared with the other members.

Bono has been an outspoken Christian during his career. Bono said to RTE last year “[Who is Christ?] is a defining question for a Christian…you’re not let off easily by saying a great thinker or philosopher…he went around saying he was the Messiah…he was crucified…because he said he was the son of God. He either was the son of God…or nuts… [and] I find it hard to accept that millions of lives… have felt their lives touched and inspired by some nut. I don’t believe it,”

Lou Gramm Foreigner


Lou Gramm is an American rock vocalist, and songwriter, best known for being the original lead singer for the British-American rock band Foreigner. Louis Andrew Grammatico was born in Rochester, New York, the son of Nikki, a singer, and Bennie Grammatico, a band leader and trumpeter.

In an interview he gave with Fox News he was asked about his born again experience. He said, “That happened just literally before [addiction treatment center] Hazelden. We had played a sold out concert at Madison Square Garden and there was the record company party afterwards that lasted until four or five in the morning. Everybody was in that condition and I ended up back in my hotel room, of course I wasn’t able to sleep. I just started doing a little self assessment and thinking about what I had become and was very upset about it and worried about my children seeing me like this. I finally fell to my knees and asked God to take this plague away from me.” He continues, “I’m a devout born-again Christian. God plays a role in everything I do. I know he gave me life and saved my life. I serve him.”

Dave Ellefson Megadeath


David Warren “Dave” Ellefson is a bassist and founding member of the American thrash metal band Megadeth. He has also been referred to as “Junior” to differentiate him from Dave Mustaine. Ellefson currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition to playing bass guitar in Megadeth, Ellefson also has various side projects which include Temple of Brutality, F5, and Killing Machine.

In a recent interview with Blabbermouth he said, “I think Dave (Mustaine) has been very open about his faith, and I’ve been open about my faith. Certainly me getting sober twenty years is what really led me back into Christian faith, but I always had it as a kid, quite honestly. I was born and raised Christian, and my family went to church on Sunday.”

Johnny Cash


Johnny “J.R.” Cash was an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, actor and author who was widely considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Although primarily remembered as a country music icon, his genre-spanning songs and sound embraced rock and roll, rockabilly, blues, folk, and gospel. This crossover appeal won Cash the rare honor of multiple inductions in the Country Music, Rock and Roll and Gospel Music Halls of Fame.

A writer once tried to paint [Johnny] Cash into a corner, baiting him to acknowledge a single denominational persuasion at the center of his heart. Finally, Cash laid down the law: “I—as a believer that Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew, the Christ of the Greeks, was the Anointed One of God (born of the seed of David, upon faith as Abraham has faith, and it was accounted to him for righteousness)—am grafted onto the true vine, and am one of the heirs of God’s covenant with Israel.”

“What?” the writer replied.

“I’m a Christian,” Cash shot back. “Don’t put me in another box.”

Author’s Note:
There are many great musicians who have found Jesus in their life. It was my desire to try to give a list, although not exhaustive, of some of the legends of rock-n-roll who have found Jesus. Some I did not include due to a lack of what is admittedly a subjective designation of “legendary.” It does not mean that they were not great but from what I could tell, they did not have the popularity or mainstream name recognition that would qualify for that title.

I hope you have enjoyed this list. Please feel free to add some of your favorites in the comment section below.

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45 thoughts on “15 Rock Music Legends Who Found Jesus”

  1. Loved this post! Some of the artists live a lifestyle that would seem to question the depth of their commitment to the Lord, but very few on this list. The others live their faith out loud and with humility. Love that.

    1. Yes I know what your saying. I was a metal guitarist and and influenced by all the early British Metal bands. When I got save and studied the Bible. I found it impossible to serve two masters. That’s been my experience so I walked away from it all. Now 25 years later I want to start playing again but not sure where the line is. Everything that metal was to me was sex, drugs, Anger, and evil. I would to dust 25 years of dust off the guitars but I’m going to have to proceed with caution. Especially leaving the old dark licks behind!! Personally I had to let it all go for 25 years because I wasn’t and angry pissed of anymore And I know for sure Lucifer is in Challege of the music business!! ✌️

  2. Do you know if Paul McCartney and his band members are now Christians?
    I know that ex-Wings drummer Joe English is a Christian.

    1. Macca’s current drummer Abe
      Laborial Jr is the son of star
      Christian bassist Abe Sr. but that’s all I know there…. Macca himself has said that he’s not “into God/Christianity”.
      Kinda sad really….. the man who’s had and done it all doesn’t think he needs Jesus because he IS Jesus, or something like that.

  3. Marilyn Fedonick

    David Pack of Ambrosia is also a Christian. He is a great singer and guitar player. I wish he had been included in this list.

  4. I just wish we Christians would take better care of God’s planet. As Christians we’re not suppose to lie but to say we don’t treat God’s planet like a toilet would be a lie. we pave we pollute we posion and we pray, but we think God is okay with that or we don’t even think about it at all. It seems like it’s just not part of the fairy tale. God gives us the gift of Technolgy to turn the sun, the wind, and ocean waves into all the electricity we need but we choose Nuclear and Coal, the Devils gifts. 100 percent pure Cancer and look what they do to God’s planet. God gives us the gift of turning sugar cane into gas but we choose Oil the Devils gift. 100 percent pure Cancer and look what it does to God’s planet. But I guess it’s just not part of the fairy tale. I’m just so befuddled and lonely to be the only Green Christian I know. Now to ahead and go Attack Dog on me. Nothing new, I get it all the time.

    1. Guy, Rev 11:18 says that there’s a time coming “to destroy those who destroy the earth”. God still loves his creation! As followers of Jesus, we must do what we can to care for the earth. But my aim in doing so is not in the belief that I can stop it being polluted and ultimately destroyed, but as testimony to a King and a kingdom that is “not of this world”. You’re right to feel passionate about this: the way we are destroying the earth is a tragedy – but don’t let the emotion become despair.

    2. Carol Lincoln I am new to this site

      Yes ,that would be great..I have tried selling even in my son’s business,but just cannot seem to get the people to buy..The economy was dipping then also..But I hesitate because of my past blunders in selling n now I m kinda scared of that kind of business..
      Glad you are blessed and enjoying it all..
      God Bless you all..

  5. Intellectual weakness. Absolutely zero evidence God exists. Live life well without the superstition! Science doesn’t have all the answers but it sure as hell has more than blind faith.

    1. Faith in scientific theory takes more blind hope than Faith in our creator. You can’t see the wind but it’s not my place to prove it moves the trees. I thank God for science

    2. There us all kinds of evidence, read your bible. It will tell you what had happened and what’s going to happen.

    3. “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.”
      ‭‭Romans‬ ‭1:20-21‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    4. Absolutely zero? I disagree. Even Atheist Christopher Hitchens thought the fine-tuning argument was persuasive for a Creator. Antony Flew, the leading atheist of his time, rejected his atheism after researching DNA. I love science but it’s “answers” are just how the mechanics of things work. Just because you know how a gas-combustion engine works doesn’t mean Henry Ford didn’t exist.

    5. No evidence? Look around you at the perfect beauty of nature for one thing – no evidence anywhere within a shot of a satellite, a Hubble telescope, a space mission to deep space – REAL proof of space ships and little green men doesn’t seem to exist.
      The Big Bang? Simply the science of a creator employed to make everything ‘be’…… and carbon dating is certainly not the most accurate thing the world
      The ‘missing link’? IMO it takes more faith to believe in an infinite Holy Spirit than what these scientists are banging their heads over.
      Why so much death and agony in the world?
      It’s called ‘Free Will’ and whatever is put in the hands of a human being is bound to go all wrong (like those mega-churches, political power, money and the world leaders for some examples….

  6. Charles, may God have mercy on your soul. It is the saddest thing to see someone who has never experienced God’s presence or greatness in his/her life…what do you have to live for? You know that God can set you free…it is something you will only understand once you accept that God is in control of everything and no matter what you do, what should happen, will happen. I pray that you too, will see the light before it is too late.

  7. Laurika…
    What we know about celebrities, is only what the media tells us…unless we know them personally.
    Many people leave the church because others are too judgmental, and closed minded. Hardly seems a welcoming or comforting way to fill the pews.
    What happened to “judge not, less you be judged”?

    1. Aren’t you judging in your comment? Why did you NOT post what comes after that verse.
      The Bible also says there are wolves in sheep’s clothing and many who “do works” in His name but Jesus knew them not.
      Separate Jesus from religion.
      Have a great day!

    2. Actually the celebrities mentioned have told of their testimonies. So it’s not these new sites that tell us you can go online and find out their testimony and see them either telling it on YouTube or through some type of video or you can read their testimony that they’ve given personally. and if someone leaves a church that they felt that was very judgmental or whatever then they need to find a new church. when you stand before God and you say why you turned on him or left him because of others that’s no excuse. God’s word gives us plenty of wisdom to know what to do in every situation and if you’re not in God’s word which is the Bible then you’re not going to understand these things because as Christians we get attacked all the time. And if you’re going to be a cry baby or whiny baby about it you may not survive. And when you stand before God He’s going to tell you He gave His Word He sent his one and only Son into this world as a living sacrifice Who bore the sin of the world upon himself so that we would enter into Heaven. If we’re going to blame others for our fall and not following God in Christ Jesus that is so lame. I myself have been hurt by people in the church. But not everyone… And I finally found a church that’s not like that… We make mistakes. We are not perfect but we are to work towards perfection in Christ Jesus. So always look to Father God, and not people. People will let us down. Keep your eyes on Jesus, and you won’t sink.

  8. Bob Marley. Most of his music was spiritual And The Rastafarians hate he asked for a priest on his death bed and was in fact Baptised. Jah means God

  9. Mike Stillwagon

    One that would surprise a lot of people is Blackie Lawless from WASP. He has been very vocal about his faith.

  10. John Elefante – 2nd lead singer of Kansas
    Ed Kowalczyk – Lead singer of Live
    Dez Dickerson – Prince guitarist

  11. Charles it take more faith to believe that there is no God than there is , God is Spirit and you have to relate to God by his Holy Spirit, when the Universe was created by Intelligent design God created the whole universe in seven days and to God one day is like 1 thousands years, intelligent design is the science of a creator, how would you explain the planet earth being exactly the 3rd planet from the sun, one planet closer to the sun would be too hot, one planet farther from the sun and it would be too cold. You feel wind but you can not see it, that is the same with God. You can not see the wind but feel it. Open your Mind and Heart Charles and believe. Even Darwin with all his research discovered there must be a God after all the things he has created. Only an intelligent being must have laid the foundations of this universe together. I incourage you to Read the Bible Charles and read about the truth. The Truth shall set you free!

    1. The were some wise words spoken John. but no one is going to understand the Word of God until they accept Jesus Christ as their lord and Savior. Telling people they shall know the truth and the truth shall set them free are some wise words but they’re not going to understand it and until they accept Jesus Christ as their lord and Savior. And another thing is when you suggest someone read the Bible I would suggest that you read the book of John. So Charles, in the Book of John it will lay out what Jesus is about. As with science if people would look deeper into it if things were off just by a smidgen by a particle none of these things could exist in more scientists are coming to Christ because of that… I’m talking not only about Earth I’m talking about the whole universe and all that is in it. Jesus Christ is the Son of God…. Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior will be the best thing you could ever do…

      Here’s a site that will not only tell you about Jesus, but it will lead you to asking Jesus into your life. I promise you this, this will be the best thing you could ever do, and you’ll never ever regret it. Without Jesus you will perish. With Jesus you will have eternal life. Do you know where you are going to go when you die? It doesn’t end when you’re dead. There’s only two places to go and that’s Heaven or Hell…


  12. What’s up it’s me, I am also visiting this site daily, this website is actually pleasant and the visitors are really sharing fastidious thoughts.

  13. Ron Williams

    C.C. DeVille, guitarist from Poison, gave his life to the Lord back in 2008 and is still rolling strong for Christ!

  14. Matthias Jabs, of Scorpions, is quoted as saying the Bible is his favorite book. Has he commented on Christianity?

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